World of Anna Klose

“For years I have traveled to the world‘s biggest international shows – the Paris Gucci Masters, the Olympia London International Horse Show, the Global Champions Tour in Valkenswaard and the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington. For example, at the CHIO Aachen, the most beautiful, expensive and best horses compete below the greatest talents in the equestrian sport. But no matter where I was, I would only ever see the same 4–5 brands dominating the market.

In the end, none of them was able to fascinate me, because none of them could meet my standards in terms of design and quality. Above all, almost all brands are designed with the rider in mind. Only the colors and patterns of the clothing collections are simply transferred to the horses, without conventional materials and cuts being reconsidered.

Horses are such wonderfully fascinating creatures and for me the most beautiful animal in the world. No animal on this earth allows us to participate in their strength and elegance. You can see this in every discipline, whether in jumping, dressage or eventing. Even though it is actually the horses, which are the true heroes of the sport. That‘s exactly why I did‘t just come up with the idea of building up an equestrian brand, but a manufactory that is inspired by the horse and leaves room for individuality and design, that meets the highest level of quality and workmanship.

In doing so, I did not take the previous qualities from equestrian sports as a standard, but oriented myself to the processing and thinking of the largest luxury houses in the world. The way that the finest handbags and haute couture are made in Paris and Milan, I wanted to create horse blankets. Out of that came a much bigger vision and along with that came exceptional bags in the same style for riders.

Our brand has now been growing steadily since 2019 and our collection continues to expand year after year with new exceptional designs and products related to equestrian sports. Today our product sortiment features all sorts of equestrian wear, such as saddle pads, bandages, bags in big and small, polos, functional shirts and much more to come.“