Fashion from the ANNA KLOSE Hamburg manufactory embodies elegance, sophistication and timeless design. We create outfits that inspire women in every respect and give them the opportunity to express themselves confidently and individually in exquisite cuts and fabrics. One of the central elements of our philosophy is sustainability.

"The concept I pursue is what I call Everlasting Fashion."

Anna Klose

We design fashion and equipment of the highest quality – with looks that build on each other and continue for years. We don't think in terms of season-to-season collections, but create love-pieces that evolve and are clearly derived from our previous looks.

The basis for our "Everlasting Fashion" is the precise craftsmanship and high-quality materials with which we create outfits of the highest quality. For apparel, accessories and equipment that can be combined again and again.

”My designs are characterized by stylish elegance and timeless aesthetics.“

Anna Klose

The collections are characterized by clean lines, selected colors and an effortless elegance that can be easily integrated into everyday life. We manage to reinterpret trends and give them a timeless touch without losing their topicality and beauty.

In this regard, it is very important to us to emphasize individuality. We believe in the uniqueness of every woman and offer a wide range of fashion, bags and accessories that allow you to express your personal style. Whether it's a business or leisure look, for everyday life or special occasions – the collections from ANNA KLOSE Hamburg offer a variety of ways to present yourself in style in any situation.

In short: our label sees itself as a tribute to the beauty and diversity of women – and offers high-quality clothing that sets standards in terms of both style and sustainability. For all women who not only want to look good, but also want to do good – for themselves and for our planet.


Whether it's a blazer, bag or accessory – all the ideas that I design in my studio
are made by hand in our manufactory in Hamburg.

”Every seam reflects the craftsmanship and attention to detail of my talented tailors and bagmakers.”

Anna Klose

Whenever we create something new, we first think about the material and ask ourselves: What is it made of? What can we bust out from this particular material? This is how things are made that turn every design into an ANNA KLOSE design. What we do is not just about pure aesthetics, but about luxury of true value that goes far beyond the ordinary.


In the heart of Hamburg, Germany