Our Concept "Everlasting Fashion"

In our Hamburg manufactory we create “Everlasting Fashion”. Equestrian equipment and clothing of the highest quality – with looks that match each other and continue over the years.

We don‘t think of our collections from season to season, but as a design that evolves and is clearly derived from the material and color worlds of the previous collection.

That’s how we create clothing, accessories and equipment that can be combined again and again.

The workshop of big horsedreams

Our “Everlasting Fashion“ is based on precise craftsmanship and high-quality materials with which we create outfits that are extremely durable.

Every seam reflects the masterful skills and enormous attention to detail of our employees. Cuts and materials are tested, inspected and optimized until the final product meets our high standards of durability and functionality.

Occasionally, some of our masterpieces come and go, because developing a perfect fit or an elegant design takes time and patience. It is this passion and these subtleties that defines the quality of manufacture we are thriving for in each piece by Anna Klose.

Taking responsibility for the world of tomorrow

Each piece is designed to last and withstand the equestrian environment for years. 

In doing so, we rely on precise craftsmanship and short delivery routes. We produce exclusively in Hamburg and work with high-quality raw materials, most of which come from Germany and the EU region - for sustainable quality that benefits both our clients and the environment.