Hampton Classic 2021


Anna Klose making a stand at the Hampton Classic!

Wow - eight exciting days of competition with great sport and 75 happy winners and champions receiving an exclusive Hampton Classic winning blanket sponsored by Anna Klose.

The spectators and riders were thrilled with the exceptional quality of our handmade blankets - a true masterpiece from Anna Klose.

Watch the full video to see Anna Klose in action at the Hampton Classic.

"The Hampton Classic cooler, which we give to the winning horse of each championship is a signature of the Hampton Classic. Anna Klose has brought this to the next level, really."


Shanette Barth Cohen

Executive Director - Hampton Classic Horse Show

Designed and produced in our manufactory in Hamburg.

The Easy-Fit Collar

The Champions Cooler in Details

Corporate Design for Lugano Diamonds

Corporate Design for Anna Klose

Corporate Design for Benetti Yachts

Corporate Design for Longines