Made by Anna Klose

Next level Horse-Equipment

The heart of Anna Klose concentrates on the development of innovative equestrian equipment that benefits both horse and rider.

As a passionate rider, Anna Klose came up with the idea years ago to design an Anatomic Suit for horses. After long phases of planning and development, she has perfected her first prototypes to today's end products. Since the founding of the manufactory Anna Klose in 2016, the innovative equestrian products have been continuously tested and further developed.

Innovative blanket pattern

ANNAtomic Suit

Innovations made by Anna Klose are based on many years of development work, which started even before the brand was founded.

As the name implies: Our ANNAtomic Suit matches the anatomical shape of the horse. Thanks to the innovative cut, the blanket shapes around the back area enabling us to provide further shoulder freedom than usual blankets. Due to the anatomical shape, the blanket also pulls itself around the hindquarters, whereby it barely slips.

Another innovation: the Personal Tag. Each blanket has a detachable safety ring on the left of the front shoulder, to which personalized pendants can be attached according to your own wishes and needs.

All our blankets are offered not only in standard but also in intermediate sizes - in steps of 5 instead of 10.

Two breathable layers


The sweat blankets consist of two breathable layers. The intermediate air chamber allows the air balance system.

The lining made of high-quality, Italian fleece is able to absorb high amounts of sweat. At the same time, the outer fabric is wind and water repellent, yet breathable.

Thus, the upper and lower surfaces of the sweat blanket remain mostly dry and the air balance system compensates for the temperature on the horseback. After use, we recommend to hang the blanket with the inside turned out to dry.


Personal Tag

This innovation allows you to personalize your blanket yourself.

The saddle seam of the Anatomic Suit allowed the Personal Tag to be integrated into the blanket. When buying the blanket, the removable safety ring is attached to the personal tag. At the safety ring, labeled with Anna Klose, our accessories in form of tassels or heart pendants can be exchanged at will. Furthermore all tassels can be personalized with your initials.

Made for every horse neck


Horses are as individual as humans and with the Easy-Fit-Collar we want take an approach on that.

The adjustable drawstring allows the front closing to be adjusted to any horse type. Annoying slipping on the front horse is thus reduced. The padding on the withers area additionally reduces the pressure. Due to the fact that our blankets are handmade in our Hamburg studio, the Easy-Fit-Collar can be integrated on all our blankets on request.