High-end horse equipment and finest handmade horse blankets to complement the beauty of your horse – first-class products as a result of in-depth research paired with the most elegant design and purest craftsmanship.

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Anna Klose revolutionizes the given standards in horse equipment The ANNAtomic Suit adapts to the shape of the horse's back due to its innovative design. Via the fit of the upper back area, we can allow more freedom of movement, especially in the shoulder area.


We are the first equestrian manufactory to offer our horse blankets in tech-suede and Alcantara. The high-quality materials impress with their extraordinary functionality and provides the blankets with the unique signature style of Anna Klose.


All horse blankets are handmade in our Hamburg manufacture. Each of these masterpieces is made with the finest tailoring in at least two days of work. From the first cut to the last seam, there are more than 120 processing steps.



Army Green for a fabulous season

Exclusivity in every detail

This flyrug is the ideal mediator for our values and innovative impulsion. Every detail is not only a stylistic element but also serves a functional purpose.

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In the mood for frays?

Passion creates

High-quality fleece interweaved with 17% Cashmere makes this blanket to your new favorite spring-item for your horse. Due to the straight cut the blanket is easily thrown over in a light breeze. The frays do not only define the playful look of the Passion-Line, but also has the blanket well positioned due to their light weight.

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Sport and design united

Functional sports blankets

You want it all – you get it

Functional, sporty and modern – the Sport-Line combines lightweight microfleece materials with a very fine high-tech-shell. The special processing of the innovative ANNAtomic Suit combines maximum functionality and is revolutionary in equestrian sports.

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Horses inspire us with their size, strength and elegance – we want to create unique products, which can live up to the nobleness of each horse and their riders. That is what our philosophy is based on. Therefor we have specialized in exclusive horse tack featuring innovative functionality, unique design and highest craftsmanship.


Arriving at the Disneyland full of horses

Winter Equestrian Festival 2020

Three exciting weeks have come to an end in Wellington, just in time before the current corona virus started causing its chaos. For the very first time the brand had its show-off at a competition and Wellington seemed like the perfect spot to make loads of contacts and target new customers.

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Suiting each blanket in design and material

The Perfect Match

A bag for every occasion!

Bag-making art at its finest. Each blanket can be completed with the corresponding bag. Whether in Large or X-Large, whether on the road at the tournament or at home in the stable. Their practical interior coating makes our bags perfect for stable use. Their extraordinary design makes them an absolute eye-catcher.

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