Order and Shop

How does the current Covid-19 pandemic affect my order?

We are continuously accepting orders as usual. As all our products are handcrafted in our own manufacture, we are able to comply with the high hygienic standards necessary.

However, we have experienced delays in the shipping process, when delivering goods outside EU. We kindly ask for your understanding, as we are not able to influence this part of the order.

Which payment options are accepted?

Orders going through our webshop can only be paid with credit cards. Your credit card information is processed through the external service provider stripe.com.

The final sum will be charged immediately after your order has gone through. However, the exact timing of the transfer depends on your financial institute.

For a smooth payment process we recommend using a credit card from VISA, MasterCard or AmericanExpress.

If you prefer paying by bank transfer, please contact office@annaklose.com with your order information for further details.


Does Anna Klose offer Sales or Special Offers?

All articles are produced on demand. Therefore, there is no remaining stock, which we will offer on sale.

This alligns with our philosophy of producing long lasting products, which encourages the idea of sustainable consumption.

How do I pick the right blanket size for my horse?

With our patented cut, the ANNAtomic Suit, we have developed a blanket, which perfectly emphasizes the noble appearance of a horse’s silhouette.

To find the right size in inches, the horse is measured from the center of the chest at the base of the neck on a straight line to the point of the hindquarters, where you want your blanket to end.

To ensure a well-fitting blanket, we offer our blankets in a wide range of sizes extending the standard measurements available on the market. Therefore, we also provide in-between sizes such as 75” or 79,5” (Inches).

Shipping and Returns

Why is the delivery time longer than in usual webshops?

First of all, our products require precise craftmanship in order to meet our high quality standards and therefore each products requires several hours of manual labor.

Moreover, all products are manufactured on demand. This way, we are able to fulfill the individual preferences of each customer and we will only make use of the resources necessary.

We will inform our customers regularly on the status of their order. However, if questions should occur during the manufacturing process, please contact office@annaklose.com .

Is it possible to return or exchange bought goods?

Each customer has a 14-days return and exchange right after the product has been delivered. Anna Klose Hamburg will cover the costs for the return shipping.

Please contact office@annaklose.com in order to receive the return slip.

All items returned must match their original condition with all tags attached. Worn, used, changed or damaged products will not be accepted.

Personalized items such as special orders are not implied by the exchange or return right.

Is it possible to change or cancel my order?

For any changes of the order, e.g. different color of the item, please contact office@annaklose.com as soon as possible.

The same goes for change of the delivery address, which is possible until the item has left the manufacture. Please send the new delivery address to office@annaklose.com as soon as possible.

A cancellation of the order has to be done within 24 hours after the order has been confirmed.

How can I track my order?

When your item has been shipped the Tracking-ID will be sent to you by e-mail. When typed in at the stated shipping carrier, the status of your shipment can be seen.

Is it possible to return an item, which I have received as a present?

Will customs apply when orders are shipped outside Europe?

Depending on the state of delivery, customs may occur.

Customs will be charged by the shipping provider and will therfore not be part of the final sum shown at the point of order confirmation.

Is it possible to get an item shipped as a present?

If you would like to have your ordered item shipped as wrapped gift, please contact office@annaklose.com.

We will get the gift item shipped to the right address in time.

During holiday season we offer a special gift packaging service.

Personalization and Special Orders

How can I get my order personalized?

All our blankets and bags can be personalized on the inside with your name, initials or short phrases.

Our pendants can be personalized on the outside.

Further individualization with the own Logo or in specific colors and patterns is possible as a special order. Please contact us with your desired wishes on office@annaklose.com .

How is a special order made?

As all our design are handcrafted in our own manufacture, each product can be personalized by your individual preferences. With our team of designers, graphic artists and specialists we will do our best to fulfill your dreams and desires.

Please contact office@annaklose.com about your ideas and wished. Based on your outline we will send you a design draft as a non-binding offer.

The draft will be finalized until the desired item meets your expectation. After you have confirmed your order and followed through with the payment, we will have your special order manufactured by our specialists in Hamburg.

How much does a special order cost?

For a special order we will calculate a 10% surcharge on top of the price of the comparable base product. If the order requires additional material or textile, this will be calculated in the pricing.

The final sum will not change after your final order confirmation has been given.

Care and Repairs

How do I clean my All-In Bag?

The All-In Bags are designed for daily usage at the stable. In order to clean the bag properly we recommend the usage of commercial dishwashing detergent with a wet towel.

The vegan Suede is treated with a dirt- and water-repellent coating, which simplifies the caretaking of the bag efficiently.

In order to maintain the bag’s shape, we do not recommend putting the bag in the washing machine.

How do I wash the blankets?

All our blankets can be washed at 30°C (equivalent to the US-American cold wash program) with a mild detergent.

Special orders with extraordinary textiles or application please follow the stated instructions on the item.

How can I get my Anna Klose item repaired?

In order to produce long-lasting products, we only manufacture durable textiles in precise craftmanship. If your Anna Klose product has been damaged anyway, we will happily help with the repairing process.

Please contact office@annaklose.com with your issue.